The Health and Social sector is in the top three employment sectors across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, in Sheffield it’s the largest employer – employing over 41,000 people. Covid 19 has been difficult for other industries including travel, tourism, hospitality, and entertainment. For this reason, we think it is more important than ever that our young people know about, aspire to, and are made ready for the full range of careers available in the Health and Social Care sector.

We have forged strong relationships with schools across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw. We have listened to the needs of our Schools and with their help, we have developed a suite of resources to promote and raise awareness of Health and Social Care Careers. 

So #LetsGetReady and prepare a generation for the full range of careers in one of the UK's fastest-growing Job Sectors.

Become a Partner School Today

Become an official partner school for Health and Social Care Careers learning now by getting in touch with your local Health and Social Care Careers, School Engagement Coordinator here:

For Sheffield Schools, please contact: Rebecca McQueen-
For Barnsley and Rotherham Schools, please contact: Everild Hindley-
For Doncaster and Bassetlaw Schools,  please contact: Claire Wilson-


Our school team has created a career learning resource that your pupils can complete during the pandemic period. This links to Gatsby 4 and is designed to provide insight into at least one Health and Social Care role that the pupil could aspire to. This is aimed at Y8, Y9, and Y10 pupils and takes about 1 hour to complete. To access the learning resource please contact your local School Engagement Coordinator (above).

Have a look at what careers are available within the Health and Social Care sector, you may be surprised just how many there are! Our team of experts have put together the best Health and Social Care career resources for you to access. All the resources listed are accredited by the SYB ICS Schools Team for Health and Social Care Careers.

Take a look at some fun and creative links for parents and pupils to use that are related to Health and Social Care.

Find out the routes available to you in Health and Social Care after your GCSEs.

Discover the Health and Social Care Labour Market Information for your local area in the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Region, as well as the National picture.

With over 350 careers in the health and social care sector, there is a job for everyone. Use the career by subject tool to find a career that best suits you.

Everyday life for school age children has changed and will be very different for a long time to come, we've put together some links which may be useful to help support your child during this period of time.

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