Take a look at what careers are available within the Health and Social care sector, you may be surprised just how many there are! Our team of experts have put together the best Health and Social Care career resources for you to access. All the resources listed are accredited by the SYB ICS Schools Team for Health and Social Care Careers.

Promoting Health and Social Care Careers in Schools

If you are looking at promoting health and social care careers in your schools the following links might be a really helpful guide to do this:

Let's find your health career

Step into the NHS 
Careers in care

The WOW Show / Medical Mavericks

WOW Show Careers Guides designed for the home schooling situation  - and beyond.

These have been commissioned by the NHS and will let your students learn all about a career as a Podiatrist or a Therapeutic Radiographer and being part of the army of Allied Health Professionals who make such a difference to people’s lives.

The WOW Show video guides take students behind the scenes to learn from near peers who are making their way in these valuable careers – and to hear directly from them about the pathways they took, what the job is really like, and what the opportunities are for the future. It includes guidance notes for teachers and a NHS certificate of participation for students.


Medical Mavericks have produced some fantastic videos aimed at secondary school children who may be considering a career in the NHS. 

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