We'll be continuing to upload interactive resoures to our site throughout the isolation period. This way you'll be able to access useful information, files, and support from the SYREC team remotley. 

COVID-19 Resources

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Welcome to the Schools Team!

We were set up to safeguard a new generation workforce into Health and Social Care by influencing the career choices of school children and young adults across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw.  We will do this by bringing together and advertising the many career pathways across Health and Social Care whilst supporting schools and careers advisors to provide insightful and informed careers advice to their students about the Health and Social Care Industry.



The SYREC Schools team has created a careers learning resource that your students can complete at home during the lockdown period. This links to Gatsby 4 and is designed to provide insight into at least one Health Care role that the pupil could aspire to. This is aimed at Y8, Y9 and Y10 pupils and takes about 1 hour to complete. To access the learning resource please contact one of our School Engagement Coordinators:


For Sheffield Schools,  please contact: Rebecca McQueen  - Rebecca.mcqueen1@nhs.net
For Barnsley and Rotherham Schools, please contact: Everild Hindley -  everild.hindley@nhs.net
For Doncaster and Bassetlaw Schools,  please contact: Claire Wilson - claire.wilson37@nhs.net


New Roles

Nursing associate is a new role within the nursing team. We sat down with some of South Yorkshire’s inspirational Trainee Nursing Associates. They spoke openly about their personal journey, the challenges they face, the rewards of nursing, and the enjoyment of their role.

Future Workforce

Hello Future Workforce Colleagues


We hope you are staying well.


As we all adjust to new models or work across the health and social care sector, we wanted to get in touch to say that even though these new circumstances are challenging, we are finding ways to continue the work we wanted to achieve together when we first set out on our Future Workforce journey.

In short, we are still here, and still very much focussed on keeping the show on the road.


What’s happened so far:


Collective FW COVID-19 response:

• Redesigned our FW meeting approach for interim, workstream leads will be scheduling ‘Online meetings’ with you in the future

• Development, in partnership with Zoe Thomas- Skills for Care, of the ‘Social Care - RECRUITMENT & INDUCTION (COVID-19) Model 2020

• Halted face to face FW meetings

• Halted our in-school delivery

• Halted planned large-scale careers events for 2020

• Working with schools in rapidly developing a small suite of engaging homework materials that kids can complete as part of their home learning connected to H&SC

• Raising awareness by utilising the positive media profile for Social Care and the NHS

• Developing and updating the SYREC website

• Continuing our social media campaigns to inspire the next generation of the H&SC workforce


To also support this response, we are continuing with the following:

Community Initiatives

• Working with the sub-group members (sector-wide - local authority, social care, DWP and NHS)

• Communications plan to reach people in their home and community spaces.

• Developing programme of events that all the community can attend, in each place area.

• Established working partnerships with voluntary community groups in each place area.

• Developing resources on SYREC website for community to access.


Schools Engagement

         Continuing to develop classroom-based learning activities that ‘wrap around’ the ‘We Care into the Future’ and other careers events. The team’s activities are focusing on: Showcasing the full range of job roles, highlighting estate, hospitality and business functions alongside clinical roles, challenging preconceptions, selling career progression within H&SC

         Showing all the step-in points and challenging preconceptions that you must go to university to get anywhere

         Continuing to work on CPD for teachers in readiness for a first CPD to run in Autumn of this year

         Producing labour market infographics so that kids, teachers and parents can see where the best jobs will be in our localities over the next 5 years and beyond


Existing Workforce

• Task and Finish Groups progression – Functional skills, New Social Care Role and MHFA

• Launching of the CASS Career Pathway – April 2020

• Ongoing development of the ‘Funding’ Calendar to financially support the initiatives from within Future


• Support ‘Up skilling’ to facilitate the transfer into new roles

• Connected Apprenticeship Workstream ensuring a joint strategic approach

• Continue the exploration of Continuous Personal Development (CPD) delivery models – developing best practice


What this summary shows is that we have a strong team which is co-producing solutions to long-standing issues together. These solutions will be very useful in the post-COVID-19 world we will find ourselves in. Therefore, your sub-group chairs will be in touch over the next couple of weeks to see how we can sustain this work, and enable Jo to keep reporting progress to the LWAB/Integrated Care System (ICS) Boards who are still observing our work with interest. Part of this will be prompting you to make an honest assessment of how much of your time you can give us at the present time. We know all parts of the system are under pressure, and we don’t want to burden you with extra work.


Many Thanks for your dedication over the past year, we will be in touch shortly.


Stay safe and keep well.


Jo, Hayley and James



Jo Cameron                                                             

Senior Learning and

Development Partner

The Rotherham NHS

Foundation Trust


Moorgate Road


S60 2TY



James Short

Senior Learning and

Development Partner

The Rotherham NHS

Foundation Trust


Moorgate Road


S60 2TY




Hayley Hartley

SYREC Schools Engagement Lead



Social Care

Coming later this month- Career Patways!

The Care and Support Staff (CaSS) Career Framework is a thoughtfully designed tool to help you find your way forward in your career. It will guide you to know what you need, and how to get there. To produce this framework, we worked together with care workers, people who receive care as well as representatives from a range of various professions. We, also, know that it can help businesses in their strategic workforce planning. Basically, getting the right plans in place to help you grow in your career.

Advanced Clinical Practice Programme

During the Covid-19 pandemic patient care and supporting clinical teams will be the main focus for you.

We appreciate that this may mean that time to study will be affected. Please try not to be concerned about the impact that this may have on your training, South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Faculty, hospitals and Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub are working together to help support you in collaboration with local HEI’s.

If you are having any difficulty with your on going training for any reasons, temporary suspension of training may be an option. Please talk to your University or your supervisor or email Julie Perrin, our Professional Lead (j.perrin1@nhs.net).  It may help to structure your conversations by completing this form.


Please keep in touch with Julie and your HEI about any concerns and they will also be maintaining regular contact with you. If you decide to temporarily withdraw from the programme you will still need to complete all the requirements of the training programme when the crisis is passed and that this may result in some trainees having to extend their programme of study


We will accept a returned form via email (to Julie) as proof of signature, accompanied by an explanatory email of your intentions. 


HEE Update


FACP - Cohort 2: Primary, Community and Mental Health Support Project

Welcome to the trainee Advanced Clinical Practice three years Masters Programme.  As a trainee working in primary, community or a mental  health environment, you will be cohort 2, involved in the Faculty Project ‘Primary, Community and Mental Health Support Project’.  This is a two year project, which started in September 2018, with the aim of improving the experiences of new trainee ACPs working in these environments.  As a member of this project, you will be regularly asked for your feedback, ideas and suggestions about how we can improve the training and learning environment.   The Faculty has designed a mid- point evaluation form (which you can download here) in order to obtain your input regularly at six months intervals.

Regional Community of Practice:  All tACPs as well as those that have completed training  have the opportunity  to join and contribute to the Community of Practice.  This is an exciting, interactive community of experienced individuals from wide ranging clinical backgrounds, representing the grass roots provision of health care delivery.  The Community of Practice meets quarterly and receives clinical updates as well as the opportunity to attend study events.  Access is through a dedicated Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/573830642806529/.  The Facebook group is a closed group, so you will need to ‘request to join’ from Facebook, or email Suzanne Owens (Suzanne.owens@nhs.net), who chairs the group, directly.

Health Education England (HEE)  Multi Professional Framework for Advanced Clinical Practice in England:  this is a national publication describing the competencies and four pillars of advanced clinical practice.  You can download this here.

Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) Progression and Clinical Academic Support Panel (CASP) pathway:  this document illustrates the pathway of progression for tACPs, including academic and clinical routes.  You can download this here.

Best Practice Guidelines -  Minimum standards for supervising trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioners and Physician Associates (PAs)  in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw:  this document provides an overview and key recommendations for the supervision, recommended learning time in practice and numbers of clinical assessments and maintaining a portfolio for tACPs and PAs.  It includes a copy of a template Learning Agreement template for you to download and use to agree your learning plan with your supervisor.

Guidance for Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACP) Education Training & Continuous Professional Development (CPD):  this document provides guidance for employing organisations, managers and tACPs and will support the successful development of advanced practice.  You can download a copy here.

Clinical Academic Support Panel (CASP):  This document can be downloaded here and is to support the governance requirements identified within the HEE Multi-Professional Framework for Advanced Clinical Practice in England. The Faculty advises all tACPs to participate in an annual CASP with their supervisor, for the duration of the three year programme.

Educational Opportunities:  during your three year programme, you will be invited to attend a number of educational opportunities which will be arranged by the Faculty.  Details of these will be emailed out to each of you directly.  Included is a one day accredited simulation session.  Dates for 2020 are below.  These sessions will start at 9.00 am and finish at 4.30 pm.  You will need to book early into one of these sessions, please email:  dbth.clinical.simulation@nhs.net


13 February 2020

18 March 2020

18 June 2020

3 September 2020

17 December 2020






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