ECHO (Extension of Community Health Outcomes):

Project ECHO facilitates the delivery of a free and tailored programme of training and education direct from St Luke’s to multiple sites where there is a training and education need. This then creates a community of practice that supports service delivery, sharing of knowledge and support to staff in underserved areas.

The benefits to nursing homes of participating in Project ECHO are:

  • A more engaged confident workforce with increased knowledge on delivery of palliative care.
  • Improved team working.
  • Potential reduction in acute unplanned and inappropriate hospital admissions.
  • Nurses have evidence of education for revalidation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.
  • Proof of continuing professional development for the workforce in EOLC for the Care Quality Commission.
  • Potential for improved staff retention.
  • Improved links with Community Specialist Palliative Care.
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