Whilst the Care Certificate is the national minimum standard of competence, it is sometimes difficult for an employer to know whether they should recognise a care certificate issued elsewhere, as there is no common standard or measure applied to those who issue the award. 

South Yorkshire Region Education and Careers (SYREC) aims to provide a degree of assurance across the health and social care sector by maintaining a list of approved awarders. Those appearing on the list are able to demonstrate that they support staff to develop in a structured manner. 

What is an Approved Awarder

Simply put, an approved awarder is an organisation that issues Care Certificates that other organisations can be confident of.  This is because they have shown that they have structured systems for training, development, support, and assessment of learners. An approved awarder is, therefore, able to demonstrate quality in their processes, giving their staff, other organisations and themselves confidence that those achieving the Care Certificate are able to satisfy the standards of the award. 

Why is this important

In the end, Approved Awardees demonstrate that their staff is well trained and competent and so able to provide high-quality care and support.  Appearing on the list of SYREC Approved Awardees will not only promote employers as examples of good employment practice, but it will also be evidence to CQC and contractual partners that staff training commitments are addressed. 

As it is also important to be as efficient as possible, assurance that employees have been trained effectively supports employers to reduce costs and training workload by reducing unnecessary repetition of training. Where all partners in the wider Health and Social Care arena work together, efficiencies can be achieved whilst quality is maintained.

List of approved Awarders

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Title of Organisation


Date of submission


How does my organisation become an Approved Awarder?

Simply complete the questionnaire and send it to us at the address included. The SYREC Care Certificate working group meets 3-4 times per year. Amongst other things, we review submissions from organisations, where necessary seek clarification, and maintain the list of approved awarders. Once your submission has been accepted, your organisation will be added.

Update of approval status

At present, there is no time limit for how long Approved Awarder status will last, although this is under review. 

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