We exist to inspire a new generation workforce into Health and Social Care. We are part of SYREC in the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System. We have forged strong relationships with schools across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw to promote and raise awareness of Health and Social Care Careers.

Why is it important to focus on Health and Social Care Careers?

The Health and Social sector is in the top three employment sectors across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, in Sheffield it’s the largest employer – employing over 41,000 people. Covid19 has been difficult for other industries including travel, tourism, hospitality, and entertainment. For this reason, we think it is more important than ever that our young people know about, aspire to, and are made ready for the full range of careers available in the Health and Social Care sector.

The top 20 predicted jobs for the future include: robotic engineer, nurse, data analyst, epidemiologist, accountant, care worker, and maintenance technician – all these roles can be found in our sector. We have a wide range of roles to suit all interests and think it’s vitally important that our young people can see the connection between their favourite academic subjects and their future career. There is something for everyone: scientists, mathematicians, leaders, creators, and organisers as well as those who have been traditionally attracted to the caring professions. (https://www.parentalguidance.org.uk/labour-market-information/20-top-jobs-of-the-future)

We are committed to supporting career learning as part of the everyday curriculum to inspire, nurture, and grow the next generation workforce.

Our work helps to support Gatsby Benchmarks: 2, 4, 5 & 6.

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